The Man who took Spain to the Top of the World

The Man who took Spain to the Top of the World

New ZENI TH Ambassador
The Man who took Spain to the Top of the World

This summer, Vicente del Bosque led the Spanish national soccer team to the top of the world in SouthAfrica. Under his direction, la Roja played the best soccer on offer at this year’s World Cup. The team “ranas smoothly as a Swiss watch”, according to the press. Ironically, Switzerland was the only team to beatthe Spanish selection during the entire tournament! Happily, it seems the coach did not take offense at this
unusual faux pas. He is now the new ambassador of the ZENI TH brand, the Swiss Manufacture that createdthe world’s most accurate mechanical chronograph: the famous El Primero.

On July 11th, all of Spain went wild whenAndrés Iniesta, nicknamed “The Particle Accelerator”, brought World Cup victoryto his country for the first time in its history. This triumph was primarily downto the work of one man: the high priest of polished soccer and a manager withexcellent people skills, who chalked up a remarkable score of 31 wins in 33matches, earning the admiration of the entire soccer world. Vicente del Bosqueis only the second coach in soccer history to have won both the ChampionsLeague and the World Cup. The national selector imposed his choices gently,without fanfare: this is the strength of this discreet man, who is now adored bythe Spanish population.

ZENITH Ambassador
Today, Vicente del Bosque and his loyal right-hand man José Antonio Grandehave become two new ambassadors for the ZENITH Manufacture. The coachloves well executed work, rigor and precision; he also appreciates exploits,particularly that of the El Primero caliber, which is today’s most accurate standardmechanical movement in the world. Del Bosque has chosen to wear theEl Primero Captain model, which embodies the finest expression of ZENITH’Sheritage: all of the brand’s expertise—technique, precision and design—hasbeen incorporated into this extraordinary timepiece. The Captain range expressesvery masculine classical elegance and extreme technical complexity.It is a watch with great ambitions, fit for a captain.

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