Gray, amethyst, black, white, dark blue, petrol blue, pink, blue and violet:
The upcoming winter is going to be so colorful that summer won’t be missed!

Winter is just around the corner and ToyWatch prepares all the essentials to make the most of it, coloring its new Fluo Winter collection with the colors that best recall it: the cold gray of Fluo London Smoke, the simplicity and elegance of the Blackie ‘O black, the captivating Purple Rain amethyst violet and the peculiar Full Metal Blue.
But for those who want to break with winter traditions, ToyWatch further extends the palette with more extravagant colors, like Candy Sugar white and the very cool pink and blue of Pink Girlies and Blue Guys. The trendiest, devoted to the leading winter color, is Luck in Violet violet and, lastly, a real must-have is the never declining Fluo in Blue Jeans.
This is the new ToyWatch recipe, with simple but totally unique ingredients: the quartz movement, the plasteramic case and strap, the steel case-back and the tone on tone bezel with steel winding crown are all aesthetic requirements that few, apart from ToyWatch, are able to meet.
“We have designed the Fluo Winter collection as a sort of cold and warm colors palette and we have indulged and played about with colors just like a painter on a canvas” – says Mara Poletti Mavilla, President of ToyWatch. “Our intention was that of experimenting with ideas to allow our creations to live the seasons all year around.”

What you should do is leave your gloves in the drawer and uncover your wrist… it will be Fluo Winter to warm you up!